Phygital solutions for Product Identification and Authentication

Phygital is about blending the physical and digital worlds to create new ecosystem. 21st century requires filling the gap between real and virtual customer experiences.

Trueplus provides innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions. The cost of counterfeiting is estimated at 500 Billion USD worldwide. As an architect, we analyze your use case and we build tailor-made solutions using cutting edge technologies from both worlds. The challenge is the ability to authenticate a physical object. Mixing standard and robust Identifier with Authentication factors. The chain of trust can be ellaborated thanks to our technologies and the validation of each link. We deliver end-to-end solutions.

Identification: It is a label that identifies either a unique object or a unique class of objects.

Authentication: It is the act of confirming the truthfulness of an attribute that claims to be an identifier of a unique object.

Instant Product Authentication: Trueplus delivers laser marking solutions combined with latest technologies such as computer vision solutions, bar codes detection, crytography and more. We offer a significantly new experience through smartphone applications. Based on our strong expertise and our continuous Research & Development process, we are able to deliver to you long term solutions. The objective is to bring to you the best in class security level in order to protect your high added value products.


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